Katie Holmes Glamour April 2009

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Have you ever had the feeling that no matter what a certain person does, you just can’t be convinced by its authenticity?

That’s my story with Katie Holmes. No matter how hard she struggles, no matter how hard she ignores the rest of the world, she fails to look real to my eyes. Katie Holmes defends her way in Glamour Magazine, the April 2009 issue. (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

katie holmes glamour april 2009 cover

I don’t want to begin yet another discussion about honesty and marketing and how they never fall into the same category so I’ll just play with the photos: Katie Holmes Talks says the editorial’s title. (could they have chosen a more redundant, buyers alluring title than this one? She already uncovered herself a dozen of times in various magazines, finally talking in at least as numerous interviews!)

katie holmes glamour april 2009 2 katie holmes glamour april 2009 3 katie holmes glamour april 2009 4

katie holmes glamour april 2009 5 katie holmes glamour april 2009 6 katie holmes glamour april 2009 7

katie holmes glamour april 2009 8

Reading Katie declaring she doesn’t cook but Tom does (pasta carbonara and… that’s about all!) is priceless! But I’ll let you enjoy her full interview chez Glamour! Getting back to the pictures – either they fired the stylists, or Tom’s directives were ice clear: black and white pictures – something looking like a wedding gown that she’s wearing in 2 of the 7 shots and a black GaGa-esque tenue to enjoy for another 4 poses.

Which is the lucky remaining one? The cover! Let me count the ways these pictures faced the Photoshop magic wand – judge for yourself! (you can read the entire interview here) (photos via glamour.com, dailymail)

katie holmes without makeup


#1 Ellington on 03.02.09 at 6:13 pm

A poor Katie Holmes. Its a sad state of affairs that the only thing that she will be remembered for is being married to Tom Cruise.
She has not done as well as an actor as Michelle Williams who was her contemporary on Dawson’s Creek, and is far more respected in the field.
Its like she is trying very hard to be something and someone. She gets these covers because she married Tom not because she is a wonderful talent.

#2 deka on 03.03.09 at 6:34 pm

she is too contrived
everything she says is planned
i have a hard time paying attention to her

#3 Penelope on 03.03.09 at 9:00 pm

I agree with Ellington. The only movie I can remember her being in was Batman Begins…. and she certainly didn’t look as stunningly beautiful in the movie as she does in these shots.

#4 Annie on 04.18.09 at 1:48 pm

Who makes that white dress? Anyone?? The website doesn’t have credits and I didn’t get the actual magazine.

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