Katie Holmes Finally Tells the Truth

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I read this and absolutely had to talk about it with you, see what your point of view is.

Katie Holmes is giving in the pressure and can’t take it anymore. Distant looking, pale-ish smile and disoriented, that’s how people appreciated Katie’s last appearance at Joan’s on Third.

Katie Holmes Yellow Trench Black and White dress at Joan s

So the main story is that Katie has been suffering from atrocious headaches, she sees black spots and feel faint, all that corroborated with an obsession for being skinny, skinny-er, ever skinny. Now please lay back and expect a no-less interesting explanation for all this than her husband’s better realities:

Katie doesn’t get enough sleep — and hasn’t for months (…) because Tom is so wired, and they stay awake until after midnight. He has boundless energy, and she just can’t compete (…)To him, the home is a status symbol so it’s on Katie’s shoulders to pull off something beyond magnificent, something Tom can brag about. She’s giving herself headaches thinking about it and making herself sick.

Let’s take it one step at the time – so Katie Holmes, THE Katie Holmes cannot keep up with Tom’s energy? Girl, dear, the man’s on something, don’t give yourself a hard time just because you need your beauty (and as people can tell, your health) sleep!

Star Magazine Katie Holmes Cover

And not to mention he’s going out countless times without her (nights too) and she can’t come. That truly must be a wife’s heaven! It seems her golden husband has a striking rule about their living together: “You can be with me, but don’t ask about it”. Completely fairy-tale-ish! Only you seem to have missed the Prince Charming and stuck up on the ogre dressed in fancy clothes. And not to forget her priceless mission – to decorate the $35 million Beverly Hills mansion! That seems to be the cheery on top for Katie darling – haven’t you heard of professionals? They really decorate interiors for living! Or even without them, call on VB, she’ll put on her tiny head to work and splendor your house in no time!

Oh, these overzealous wives! She really makes me feel sorry for her, the best thing yet from all this dizziness is that faint or no faint, she managed a beautiful outfit with that yellow trench and the black and white dress.. I’ll even close my eyes at the skinny-jeans-sight and pass to the gladiators. Just beautifully casual! Faint no more, Katie, but keep up the well-dressed-part!
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#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.27.08 at 4:33 pm

Is she brainwashed?? Yeah I think so, his church and believe in a certain God or religion has broken her down. I hope she comes to her mind and leave that fanatic, crazy actor. Just my opinion, I have nothing against religions, but it has to be decent and in the mind of someone. You don’t have to expose it the way Mr. Cruise does.

#2 Adriana on 03.27.08 at 5:40 pm

Dear editor, all I see is a young woman who has probably made the wrong decision to marry the wrong man. In her case Tom Cruise and therefore has embraced Scientology. You can get in easily as we all know but to get out is another story. In Germany Scientology is forbidden. I’ve seen interviews with people in my own country, the Netherlands, who didn’t dare to be regonised while they were interviewed after they managed to got out. Very scared for Scientology. Ripped of all their money and own identity trying to find a new life in peace. Horrifying stories. A Dutch writer, Karin Spaink, has been threatened because she has done a lot of research about these sect which is not a religion. It has not really much influence here, it is not as big as in the US. So who knows what poor Katie has signed as a deal where her daughter Suri is involved….. If I see photos of the couple and how he [TC] always lead her by her arm and she’s seems even scared lately? Is it possible that she has lost that many weight and has headaches because she can’t get out of that marriage and Scientology? It is all very possible. And we all knows what the rumours are about Tom Cruise and what I’ve seen on YouTube did scare the hell out of me. Right he seems on some clips under the influence! Poor, poor Katie I feel for her. We all make or have made the wrong decisions in our lifes at times. She has to pay a lot for hers if I’m right: with her life or/and her child. She seems to have it all…..I think she has nothing if it is what I think that it is.

#3 NotDieting on 03.28.08 at 11:59 pm

I was looking on YouTube at clips of Katie on the Letterman Show, pre and post-Tom Cruise. The change in personality and demeanor is undeniable. She used to have a wicked sense of humor and now she is like a zombie.

#4 kpriss on 04.01.08 at 9:10 am

I never was a fan of Miss Katie, even in her early days. However, seeing her like this lately is obvious something’s going rather wrong with her new family. Her magnificent husband seems so high all the time (no surprise everyone’s asking if he’s on something) and she looks thinner and paler by the day. Of course, their outings are meant to calm everybody down and show a normality they’d like to make people believe it actually exists. Having being chosen from a line-up isn’t easy to put up with once the world is au courant. I think Katie had pretty much the same expectations as everyone else and now she saw everything shredded to pieces.

If it’s scientologic or tom-cruis-ist, I wouldn’t know, I deliberately didn’t search anything deeper into the sc. subject. Sometimes I ignore meaningless things hoping they’ll go out by themselves without making too much noise. The result with Katie won’t change, no matter the cause. She’s in a bad shape.

#5 sonia.li on 09.20.08 at 2:46 am

Katie seems is good woman, nothing wrong with her marriage, only a problem is she couldn’t open her mind to make her own decision. Her husband controlled her everything. Katie I am so sad for you.

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