Tom Ford By Tom Ford, Rizzoli Editions

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If you were short on anything-Tom Ford, this is your chance to catch up on the fashion guru.

The Tom Ford Bible was published by the Rizzoli editions and it says, white on black, simply Tom Ford. You can’t go wrong with that! I’m just hoping he has more to share than just few style advices you can find in any girlish Cosmo! (don’t miss the pictures right after the jump!)

Tom Ford book by Tom Ford cover

Would you buy the Tom Ford by Tom Ford (and Bridget Foley, with contributions from Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter) coffee table book? (I’m waiting for the Kaiser Bible! At least I’ll be getting a few laughs per $100!) (via 1, 2. You can buy it here.)

tom ford book by tom ford 1

tom ford book by tom ford 3

tom ford book by tom ford 4

tom ford book by tom ford 5

tom ford book by tom ford 6

tom ford book by tom ford 7

tom ford book by tom ford 8

tom ford book by tom ford 2


#1 Ellington on 02.26.09 at 6:19 pm

I have seen this book and it is striking. Rizzoli publishes beautiful and beautifully done books.
I would not spend the money on this but I could mos def see someone who loves all things Tom Ford purchasing this.
As for the Kaiser’s blble, that book would be a treat! I think that I would like a lifestyle book by him with the forward done by Wee Kaiser (his bear-alike). : )

#2 Adriana on 02.27.09 at 10:22 am

No. The man annoys the hell out off me. I’m almost allergic to this man.

#3 Ellington on 02.27.09 at 6:25 pm

Adriana, that was a very funny comment! I laughed when I read it, yes one could almost grow allergic to Tom Ford! : )

#4 Adriana on 02.28.09 at 7:07 am

Der Kaiser is at least “humerous” and he can be so charming and entertaining. I’ve seen that often on German tv.

#5 Hapsical Blog on 02.28.09 at 4:26 pm

It’s not all that expensive considering it’s Tom Ford.. I’d have thought he’d have gone for one of those super-expensive limited edition books (like the Taschen Helmut Newton book that costs $5,000 +), bound in crocodile leather or something!

I won’t be getting it – I can appreciate what he did but I don’t like it enough to justify buying the book.

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