Michelle Obama Does Vogue US March 2009

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History in the making has a Vogue cover too! For the March 2009 issue of Vogue US, there’s a gorgeous black cover: The First Lady!

Wrote by André Leon Talley, Michelle Obama’s interview accompany a pictorial signed by Annie Leibovitz, fashion editor Tonne Goodman, sittings editor Alexandra Kotur, hair Johnny Wright and makeup Ingrid Grimes-Myles.

Michelle Obama Vogue US March09 Leibovitz cover The photos look alive, real, tangible in spite of the stage manufacturing behind every pose.

Those signature Leibovitz-ish lights are unmistakable and the colorful setting adds that joy-factor politics tends to waive from anything.

(don’t miss the rest of the pictures from this soon-historical Vogue issue after the jump!)

The interviewer admits having been a volunteer in the campaign and looks up to the First Lady in complete admiration, giving us a moving story about a woman, about a character, mother and wife but above all, the First Black Lady!

Michelle Obama Vogue US March09 Leibovitz 2

“…what’s special about Michelle—she maintains a normal life in an extraordinary time.[…]
Michelle Obama’s intention is to open up the White House again in a spirit of diversity and inclusion.[…]
“We learned in our household that there was nothing you couldn’t talk about and that you found humor in even some of the toughest times. I want to bring that spirit of warmth, openness, and stability to my task.”[…]

“We want entertaining in the White House to feel like America, that we are reminded of all the many facets of our culture.[…]
If the great expectations weigh heavily on Michelle Obama’s shoulders, it doesn’t show; this is her enigma, this is her grace.[…]”

I could’ve easily quote the entire interview in this article, that’s how mesmerized I was reading the lines but I restrained myself and gave you some of the phrases I felt most relevant. You can read the entire article (like it was summarize for the internet version) here.

How do you see this so much awaited Vogue issue? Was Michelle Obama a good subject for a Vogue portrayal? Or a politically induced one? (click photos to see larger images) (via style.com)

Michelle Obama Vogue US March09 Leibovitz 1


#1 Sal on 02.11.09 at 12:15 pm

I’ll admit it: I don’t care what the motivation was. I’m psyched that Vogue highlighted Michelle.

#2 Adriana on 02.11.09 at 1:34 pm

I don’t care either what the motivation was. Facts are that Anna Wintour and her fashion clan did support Obama with their “Runway to Change” and André Leon Talley toted his Obama bag everywhere possible.
I love it to see a black woman, above 40 and of course a special one like Michelle on the cover and in the magazine.
I’m gonna buy this Vogue. I can’t remember when I bought a US Vogue the last time anymore.
Gosh, also Vanity Fair with Michelle’s husband, sorry your President Obama, on the cover is on my list…….

#3 Ellington on 02.11.09 at 3:12 pm

I am so thrilled about this!
Michelle is one of my sheroes and I am mos def going to buy this issue!
I think that her being on the cover is timely as it does represent change and inclusion, but no matter I am just happy that she is there on the cover! : )

#4 Marie on 02.15.09 at 12:54 pm

President’s wife or not, she’s still one of the ugliest horse-faced women I’ve ever seen on the cover of Vogue.

Besides, shouldn’t she really be in an Old Navy ad? After all, she protested that she didn’t spend money on frivolus things like clothes. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

#5 Ellington on 02.15.09 at 4:01 pm

Gee Marie, that was rather hash.
Michelle is far from ugly and she never said that she did not spend money of frivolous things like clothes, what she said and what she does is shop around. She wears high end to low end. I think that she is accessible, because many women cannot afford the big labels but they can (especially in this dire economy) afford something from the GAP of JCrew.
Oh and really “liar liar pants on fire’? What are you 13?

#6 kpriss on 02.15.09 at 4:17 pm

Why do we always have to report ourselves to physical issues when it comes to a personality?

I think the very subject Michelle Obama is beyond physical rant. Imagine I’d disagree with the gravitational issues just because Einstein had a mustache?! She had to have that cover, and I’m so glad she did!

#7 Ellington on 02.15.09 at 4:37 pm

Well said Kpriss! A sound argument! : )

#8 madison on 02.27.09 at 11:39 pm

You sound a bit cranky- are you jealous. Do you think you should be on the cover.
Michelle Obama is a graceful, gracious women who looks fantastic in wonderful bright dramatic colours. She is an awesome ambassador for women.
It’s not about physical perfection ( whatever that is)Marie

#9 cc on 08.18.10 at 6:42 pm

For the United States of America to have an African American First Lady, it marks a momentous, moving, highly dramatic moment in world history and so I say kudos to a fashion tome for noticing what is also lovely, elegant and stylish about it!

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