Jerry Hall, Baptiste Giabiconi Chanel Ads In The Bag!

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Not very different from our little Photoshop game, the veritable photos from the Chanel ad campaign with Jerry Hall were released.

I can’t help but noticing the obvious – the timeless absolute beauty of Jerry Hall. At 52 years old (just two years older than Madonna) she lands a Chanel ad campaign! What really bugs me is Karl’s predilection for self absorbed, self sufficient looks in his ad campaigns. (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

Jerry Hall Chanel ads 2009

Jerry Hall Chanel ads 2009 2 It’s very interesting to hear Karl talking about what’s attractive in a woman.

He differentiates and analyzes all and every detail like he would be talking about mathematical equations, not physical issues or matters of the heart!

Also, there’s something else to be remembered, that Karl himself is impersonated by Baptiste just like he admits being fascinated by Jerry:

One of a very young man fascinated and attracted by what a woman does: her wardrobe, her perfume, her movements, her allure, etc.[…] I’ve known Jerry since she was 15 and have always loved her sumptuous and generous side. I love her skin, her complexion, her hair, her overall allure.

Jerry Faye Hall is the lucky twin sister who moved into France following a car accident and cashing in the insurance. There she began her modelling adventurous life. She shared a room with none the other but Grace Jones, she got herself an engagement with Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry and later on with Mick Jagger.

Jerry Hall Chanel ads 2009 3 Her modelling fees ($1,000/day) and her many covers are now reduced to an erectile dysfunction campaign Global Spokesperson. I guess this Chanel campaign brings back the good ol’ times…

Jerry is no stranger to toyboys since she had a show on VH1 where she was searching a young flame (contestants had to transform from young men into perfect gentlemen).

Maybe VH1 should’ve imposed some copyrights on Karl’s campaign. Should we tell them about that? (more about Jerry Hall here, fragments from the VH1 show here and here) (via)

Jerry Hall Chanel ads 2009 4 Jerry Hall Chanel ads 2009 5


#1 Ellington on 02.14.09 at 3:04 pm

Good on Jerry! She looks great and I think not as overly done as Madonna does at times. As for Karl I believe his ad campaigns reflect his narcissistic self, all must be viewed through the lense of the Kaiser! Did you hear that he actually said that he had never heard of Heidi Klum? To him she is not a really model because she does not model in his world.

#2 Adriana on 02.15.09 at 10:16 am

Jerry is great. I hope she find herself a good man as she deserves.
I believe that everything Karl does reflect his narcissistic self.
He doesn’t know who der Heidi ist? Aber das ist nicht gut. Der Karl gets old. Older people regonise only the things in their own world at a certain point…..

#3 kpriss on 02.15.09 at 5:10 pm

He doesn’t know Heidi?? Heidi who?
I think it’s an insult to him, knowing about Heidi.. It’s like he would admit he’s buying (and religiously wearing) H&M! The Kaiser is always funny!

Adriana, aber das ist so chic!

#4 Ellington on 02.15.09 at 9:04 pm

Well the Kaiser should know who and what H&M is after all he did the first big designer collection for them. I remember when it was launched in England. Although there was a lot of buzz the clothes did not do as well because the cuts and fit were a tad smaller than the label suggested. I knew of some people who bought some and took it back, and then a lot of it ended up in the marked down sale area.

#5 kpriss on 02.16.09 at 7:15 am

I have to admit, I own a pair of pants signed by Karl Lagerfeld for H&M. I always thought the labeling wasn’t correct since the pants were my fit but 2 times my size…. Oh well, like I said, the Kaiser is always funny! (he’s like the Dark Knight of fashion ;) )

So I do believe he knows H&M, but he would never admit wearing that brand! (I suspect he knows who Heidi is also, but he purposely publicly dissed her as a lesson)

#6 Adriana on 02.16.09 at 10:49 am

I’ve a good friend who styles some H&M windows. He has only on Tee with the Kaiser himself on it as a kind of novelty. He disliked the cut and quality very much as most of H&M’s clothes. He brought some Stella pants for me but they didn’t fit right. So he made someone else happy with it. I don’t care much about a label name if it doesn’t fit and has not the quality that goes with the name. But I would have love a Kaiser too but he could only get one back then.

Kpriss, haha, die Heidi is very beloved in their mutual home country so I guess you’re right. And yes, when der Kaiser is gone the fashion world would be less colorful despite his color choices of late!

Have you ladies heard that there will be no room for celebrities front row, or at all, at Marc Jacobs show? If that’s true its very interesting don’t you think? I’ve not even paid any attention to the NYF week! I need to check some things out.

#7 Ellington on 02.16.09 at 11:16 am

Yes he said it but as a lesson to whom and what on earth was he trying to impart?
Oh and I see the Kaiser more as the Joker rather than the Dark Knight myself. He seems a tad mad at times. ; )

#8 kpriss on 02.16.09 at 3:54 pm

Aye! What have I said! Thanks, Ellington! I meant the Joker and went for the Dark Knight instead! ;)

Adriana, I remember Stella’s collection but for some unknown reason it really wasn’t appealing to me at the time! The pants from Karl’s H&M collection were almost a random choice also. Black velour straight cut, high waist. I found them irresistibly fit. Now I don’t anymore. I find the finishing poor and the fit unstable.

Maybe Heidi said something to offend the grand Kaiser.. who knows?

Oh, front row! Half the publicity around a fashion show is due to the infamous front row celebs. Make way for the fashion people! Marc is making his big spoiled baby again.

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