Get Red Nose Day Fashionable With Stella McCartney T-Shirts!

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Stella McCartney’s t-shirts for Comic Relief could be a huge hit since she has the help of few style-reliable celebs (Claudia Schiffer, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow).

Not to mention the great t-shirts printed with a picture with The Beatles, all four laughing (picture taken by Linda McCartney) and Morecambe and Wise, a famous Brit comic duo (photographed by David Bailey). The special red nose addition looks so great! (don’t miss the rest of the Red Nose Day T-Shirts by Stella McCartney right after the jump!)

Gwyneth Paltrow Keira Knightley red nose t shirts Stella McCartney Comic Relief

Stella McCartney Red Nose T Shirts

The celebs involved in this campaign were photographed by Stella’s sister, Mary McCartney, so it’s all in the family. It’s your chance to indulge you precious fashionista while participating to a great cause.

Morecambe and Wise t shirt Comic Relief Stella McCartney

Distributed by TK Maxx (a chain of stores from UK, Ireland and Germany), the t-shirts sell for 5,99 GPB (babies and children) and 9,99 GPB (adults). A very important percentage goes to charity (Africans orphans by means of Aids; UK abuse victims) so this limited edition unisex t-shirt should literally fly off the stores. Do you think it’s worth paying $12 for these tees? (I would’ve loved a v-neck one.. sadly fashion was somewhat chopped off for this great cause) (via)

The Beatles t shirt Comic Relief Stella McCartney


#1 Adriana on 02.02.09 at 5:09 pm

Charities like help for aids and victims of abuse are very close to my heart. I don’t need a celebrity shirt to support such cases. I’m quite tired of late by celebrities to be honest. So I say no to these kinda fun tees but I say wholeheartedly yes to good cause(s). Good causes are never ever chopped off fashion!

#2 Ellington on 02.02.09 at 5:44 pm

I agree with you Adriana, I sometimes find it a little twee that the celebrities just do this special thing once a year. I would be far more impressed and hopeful if they were involved all year long.

#3 Carrie on 02.05.09 at 6:16 am

Celebrities have a greater pulling power than us average folks. So if they are using their fame for good cause I say good on them.
And considering their busy schedules it’s a wonder that they have any time put aside to do things like this. Also it’s alot more creative than holding a bucket outside tube stations.

#4 Adriana on 02.05.09 at 8:56 am

@ Carrie, maybe we should pay more attention to the “average people” who work on good cases off all sorts on a daily basis then to celebrities. Also “average people” have very busy schedules. I find it very, very degrading to state that “holding a bucket outside a tube station” is less creative. No, its not glam and they are not famous. You should respect them for their time and effort.

#5 Ellington on 02.05.09 at 10:40 am

Well said Adriana! Celebrities may have more pulling power over you but not over all of us. I am not impressed by a once a year one day effort that just helps to promote their profile. As for them being busy so are a lot of other people like doctors, nurses, firefighters, teachers etc… . Standing outside a tube station may not be glamourous but its not about the glamour its about the cause. Its seems you are more impressed by the glamour. Sad really.

#6 terry on 02.11.09 at 3:10 am

yes, i would not only like to make a contribution to the comic relief charity but i still would love one of the red nose beatle tees BUT we can’t get them they won’t ship outside the UK. maybe these stars should have done thir homework

#7 ruysschaert claudine on 03.01.09 at 5:54 am


I really would love to buy a red nose T-shirt but the problem is that I live in Belgium and I can’t order it on the internet because I don’t live in England!!!
It’s a pitty because I really, really want to have one.
Can you help me?


Claudine Ruysschaert

#8 kpriss on 03.01.09 at 3:09 pm

Terry and Claudine, have you tried eBay? Just a thought ;)

I’m afraid this is a neverending dispute over celebs involvement in charitable causes. They surely do what they can, when they can, but charity will always use help, in or out of the spotlight. And even if publicity helps a lot, anonymous help does the trick too. It’s my belief that you don’t have to be photographed by the paps when you’re eating just to show the world you’re not anorexic.

#9 terry on 03.01.09 at 4:48 pm

Hello all, and yes you can get the Beatle Red Nose Tee on ebay. Use the seller “optimistforever” she lives in the UK and I have all- ready purchased 2 from her with NO PROBLEM. She’s honest and she went out and found the sizes I needed. Other’s have flew in and stolen her idea of selling these on ebay and yes I know it a free country but you can tell buy the number she sells verses the other “sellers” that she doesn’t buy in bulk she buys and sells as she can afford them. She is a single mom and not only are we supporting the charity but her family as well and she’s fun to communicate with. Terry

#10 sophie on 03.05.09 at 2:07 pm

i love red nose day!!!
This year for school i am going to buy a red nose tee-shirt and buy bright red tights and my ugg boats for school. But i want the won when the lady with bunny ears but i dont think they would be left in the shops i looked all over the internet but…………nothing can u help me please??
thanks if anyone reads this rember (DO SOMETHING FOR MONEY!) thanks

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