Marc Jacobs Undresses For Graffiti New Collection In Harper’s Bazaar January 2009

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I often ask myself what makes Marc Jacobs so popular and loved? He’s up and down fashion creativeness isn’t one of the reasons, I’m sure!

Now I think I know the answer – his nude posing! Marc Jacobs loves to expose himself. Ever since he lost his chubby appearance, his adoration for his new body is unbelievable. Now he tagged himself with Louis Vuitton à la Graffiti style and posed with a reinvention of late Stephen Sprouse’s Graffiti LV series. The shot wasn’t wrapped up by Juergen Teller, as you may think (or suspect from the looks of it) but by Terry Richardson.(more after the jump)

Marc Jacobs Ad for Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Collection 2008

Marc Jacobs Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Collection

The Stephen Sprouse Book will be launched in January, so this Louis Vuitton new Graffiti madness for Harper’s Bazaar is supposed to be a collateral media event meant to sustain and promote the upcoming Rock On Mars Sprouse retrospective. Instead, it looks to me like Louis Vuitton steals all the spotlight with this new Graffiti collection.

Marc Jacobs Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Collection 08

Who better for a quick advertisement? What I’m beginning to see now, sadly, is Louis Vuitton turning into a subsidiary of Marc Jacobs Inc. Everything MJ touches turns to gold. Do you think his promoting himself instead of promoting his brand/s is a good thing for fashion? (via harpersbazaar, wwd)

Marc Jacobs Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Collection reedition


#1 Dolly Bird on 12.04.08 at 5:48 pm

Personally I find the Stephen Sprouse inspiration a little gaudy but just stamp LV on it and Kapow!
I don’t know if promoting himself instead of his brand is a good thing for fashion but I do know the situation’s getting quite Kafkian. He could end up trapped in his own egoisme.
I wish him all the best!

#2 Ellington on 12.04.08 at 8:56 pm

I like the gear, except for the graffiti kicks. To tell you the truth I miss the nerdy glasses wearing Marc Jacobs, he was so cute and I had such a crush on him. Now he just looks like he is in love with himself. Like Boy George once said about David Beckham “if he was made of chocolate he would eat himself.”

#3 viki on 12.05.08 at 10:35 am

lol this is funny why would do that

#4 Hapsical London Fashion Blog on 12.05.08 at 12:40 pm

That’s something I’d really rather not have seen! And haven’t we seen those Vuitton graffiti bags before.. in like 2001?!

You have to love Marc’s sense of fun though, and I like some of the neon stuff..

#5 Chic Reads of the Week : CHIC INTUITION… Starting the Style Revolution! on 12.05.08 at 1:51 pm

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#6 Adriana on 12.05.08 at 4:24 pm

Hapsical, 2001? I find it very 80’s and even 90’s!

Marc has become a narcist. So what? LOL, one feels much better loving him/herself I think than the other way around?

Ellington, so Boy George made that remark? LOL, he’s jealous of course! I can’t take Boy George very serious. Which celeb doesn’t love him/herself not?? The ones that end up on drugs? Prescripted or not?
I wouldn’t mind tho to take a bite from a chocolate David Beckham though. Not at all. And not ashamed to write it either.

#7 Dolly Bird on 12.05.08 at 5:21 pm

Adriana I would’nt be ashamed to write it either. Forget the chocolate I’d bite David Beckham!!!
(sorry kpriss,going off topic here lol)

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