Gisele Bundchen’s Rampage Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

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With or without Dior, Gisele Bundchen’s ad campaigns for Spring Summer 2009 ad campaigns don’t change my mind about her being one of those svelte yet healthy looking models out there.

That could explain her being one of the highest paid too… Nonetheless, a model’s job is a tricky thing, be it for Dior or Fornarina (oh, wait, that was LiLo, not a model! Lindsay, honey, pay attention: this is how is done!) (don’t miss the rest of the pictures and a behind the scenes video from the photo shoot)

Gisele Bundchen Rampage Spring Summer 2009 ad campaign

Gisele Bundchen Rampage Spring Summer 2009 Ad campaign 3 Gisele Bundchen is the spokesface for Rampage Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Spring Summer 2009.

Following Petra Nemcova’s two and a half reign chez Rampage, Gisele manages a great campaign directed by Mario Sorrenti’s lens.

Rampage’s campaigns is one of those body-campaigns, putting it all in the model’s looks and physical capacities to attract more than the clothes could ever do (which is rather natural, since the clothes don’t really look original or mind-blowing).

Which campaigns convince you more? Those emphasizing on the products or those relying on the model? ( via

Gisele Bundchen Rampage Spring Summer 2009 Ad campaign 2 Gisele Bundchen Rampage Spring Summer 2009 Ad campaign 4


#1 deka on 01.29.09 at 5:02 pm

gisele does have an amazing figure

didnt know rampage was still in business

#2 Ellington on 01.30.09 at 11:56 am

For me it has to be a combination of both with neither overpowering the other but acting as foils.
Gisele looks lovely.

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