Chanel Presents The Holidays Makeup Collection

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We’re getting closer every day. I think me and my dearest husband we’re more eager than the kids. Because they’re still very young and somewhat clean from all that Christmas frenzy.

But we’re not! I’m not. You’re not! Let’s count down the days until Christmas! Here’s the Holiday Season reminder of the day coming from Chanel : the Holidays makeup collection from Chanel. It’s about glitter and rouge: Poudre Précieuse to sparkle it all, Rouge Allure in nude (even if it looks every inch rouge to me!) and Le Vernis in Haute Chocolat. If I remember this right, this very special nuance of Chanel Vernis was discovered and proposed by a high school girl and has everything to do with real life chocolate. Mind your fingertips! (via bellasugar)

Chanel Holidays Makeup Collection Natalia Vodianova

Chanel Holidays Makeup Collection Le Vernis Haute Chocolat

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#1 Ellington on 10.17.08 at 12:31 pm

Pretty make-up and prettily packaged.
Its a nifty way to give someone something from Chanel without breaking the bank or selling your first born into indentured servitude.

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