Chanel Antilope Le Vernis

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Yesterday I found this new nail polish “review” on a blog and haunted me until today so here it is: Chanel Le Vernis Antilope.

Having to spend almost $20 for a nail polish, one should know what’s in for the money, besides a weird name for beauty products. So normally you look for a picture, something closest to reality showing just the right shade so you’d know what’s in it for you, then, if it catches you, fill in the buying form. Or, by all means, step out and buy it.

Chanel Antilope Le VernisThat’s the way I’d do it, that’s the path I normally take when dealing with a new product. Seems like I’m an endangered species, for some people act following a completely different pattern: if a renowned brand launches a collection, it’s at least the stroke of a genius and the products are at least the best ever.

Such is the case for this Chanel Antilope vernis a ongles carrying a name considered hardly in the ordinary for a nail polish (I’m a fan of OPI and their nail lacquer names like “I’m India Mood for Love” or “Get Me To The Taj On Time” don’t surprise me anymore).

Different Shades of Chanel Polish Ok, admitting Antilope is not really clear as a sunshine, let’s go further (noo, that doesn’t mean let’s go buy it and see what’s it like!) – the shade looks rather ordinary? Regardless of the wardrobe coordination and season matching, if it’s Chanel, and even Chanel LE (Limited Edition) there’s gotta be more than what meets the eye, right? Maybe something in the bottle… Buy the nail polish, put it on and amaze everyone with it!

I looked at it again and again and the reaction was just raising eyebrows and wondering what have I done with my aesthetic sense and where it ran hiding when seeing this wonderful Antilope that no, it doesn’t remind me of anything in particular (besides the truly endangered species of Antilope struggling for survival) and surely can’t find a match for that shade more than, maybe, with greatest indulgence, front door wood. So in case I’ll be needing it to patch scratches, no, I wouldn’t pay $20 to buy it!
Tell me, do you find beautyblogosphere objective? Helpful?

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