Sasha Pivovarova Pringle Of Scotland Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Campaign

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I have a weak spot for Sasha’s smile. Even if I find her thin beyond compare, she manages to make me forget that when she smiles. (I could think of several songs with that tagline, so it’s not unusual after all. Maybe they all thought of Sasha when writing those lines).

Steven Meisel did a great job with these simple black and white photos. I would’ve fired the hair stylist and hired someone with actual talent, but hey, it can’t always be perfect, right? Actually, taking a better look, the pictures don’t even look like an ad campaign shots. Everything looks so relaxed. Is it your feeling too? Or it’s just me and my Sasha indulgence?

Sasha Pivovarova Pringle of Scotland Fall Winter 08 09 Ad Campaign
(photos via tfs)

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#1 jay on 10.20.08 at 7:05 pm

sasha looks amazing in that ad…well actually she’s amazing in all her ads. the best among the new batch of supermodels

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