Eva Herzigova Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Campaign

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When Gravity met Louis Vuitton, nothing happened. Gravity was so impressed by the Almighty Monogram, that simply laid low until completely vanishing.

The ad print from the Louis Vuitton fall winter campaign is out. And about is just what I told you – Monogramouflage beats Gravity! Mert and Marcus have done a great job, not even Eva looks like Eva and this war-thing is getting on my nerves. Just for fun – is she wearing white like she should be some saint or something? Or she’s wearing a neutral white because the fight is about accessories now?

Eva Herzigova Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Campaign

And a little extra – when the first rumors about this fall winter Louis Vuitton campaign emerged, there was something about Laetitia Casta. I shared my thoughts with you and what I got in return was a dishonest ripoff of my article. I accidentally found it posted on tfs and when reading it I was tempted to believe my brain has hardly worked into deceiving me and brought me to write something that was already publicized by someone else.. The thing is…me wrote that article one tiny little itsy-bitsy day before it was teleported in this “magazine”. Long live internet and the “getting-away-with-everything” attitude!
(photo via tfs)


#1 KiMil on 07.06.08 at 3:02 pm

tFS is the worst of the internet rip-offers! That site is chaotic hell.

#2 Adriana on 07.06.08 at 3:59 pm

Oh I hate it when people don’t give the orginal writer their well deserved credits. I notice this things all the time. Sometimes I’ve the feeling I read only ‘qoutes by quoting someone who has quoted it from someone else’…if that’s English?

Oh gosh THE bag again! Now as a firm fist in the air…..sighs…

#3 Jen on 07.07.08 at 4:44 am

There are similarities in the article however the articles are not the same, I think everybody on the internet gets the news from a few main sources such as wwd, Vogue, elle etc. and that is what makes this website (style frizz) and many other fashion sites and blogs also a bit of a copy of each other.

#4 Adriana on 07.07.08 at 5:27 am

@ Jen, that’s a good point. But the difference is that this blog is not that similar to other fashion sites and blogs because here is more diversity such as life-style or art. Most of the fashion site i.e. blogs are look-a-likes and very much affected to designers and models in a almost religious way.
But more important is that most of this kind of blogs/sites ‘forget’ to mention their sources!

#5 kpriss on 07.07.08 at 7:16 am

KiMil, you’re half right, I think when it comes to a picture or an article as such (quoted, I mean), they have to credit the sources. At least that’s how I got to see my rip-off .

Adriana, (thanks!), you know better than anyone! And yes, that firm-fist is holding an anti gravitational LV bag! It’s amazing what fashion can do nowadays! haha!

Speaking of which, Jen (thanks for stopping by) your point is excellent. The only hitch is that when something like that occurs (like this rip-off case), people should have the decency to take responsability and admit it. Next time you’ll write an article and you feel this sudden urge to copy the text and/or the pictures, e-mail me and I’ll help you somehow (yes, I know you are the owner of FMD, don’t ask me how I know it!).

Of course this controversy would be so childish if we wouldn’t have the proper evidence to sustain it! Here you have the two screenshots to delight yourself (you can click the pictures to see larger images – the first one is with my article and the rip-off and the second with the replacement-article after I have signaled the shameful gesture. Stylefrizz is making people think and work accordingly!)

#6 Maria on 07.07.08 at 7:24 am

What most blog owners don’t know about ripping of someone’s work and not giving credit back is that the GOD of internet doesn’t love them and in the end they end up alone with no readers, just themselves and a bad habit ‘Copy-Paste’.
Keep up the good work kpriss. I love your blog!

#7 LV FW 08 09 Campaign — StyleFrizz on 07.09.08 at 11:59 am

[…] I wouldn’t entitle the article like that, I wouldn’t be talking about the current Louis Vuitton Fall Advertising Campaign. Sterile. Like a circle with abrupt edges. […]

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