Balenciaga Fall Winter 2008 2009 Fashion Show

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Can you imagine that from the nine minutes and half of the fashion show, at least one minute it was just with the applauses? And that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

And that the first two minutes were all about the song I love for almost two months now (Hot Chip – Out at the pictures)? So if I cut that from the clip because I wasn’t really paying attention to the catwalk, I get six minutes of Balenciaga Fall Winter 2008 2009. The catwalk really looked like a science fair more than anything. All the models literally walked like robots which made the show pretty hilarious and stole (at least for me) the woman-factor from the story and transformed it into some cyber-material (don’t forget to see the robo-walk right after the picture)

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2008 2009 Collection

Oh least the clothes weren’t completely hideous. Ghesquiere managed a more digest catwalk than the spring-summer one and the draped tops really hooked me for good! I keep on playing the clip as I’m writing these lines and I find it impossible to resist! The robo-models! Don’t they look like that to you too?

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