Friday Break – Sh-Boom Life Could Be Dream From Cars

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I am a big fan of animation movies. And so is my husband. We’ll always appreciate a good animation, especially when there’s a good story behind it.

First time we saw “Cars”, we loved it! The kids became instant fans so we’re privileged with a couple of screenings per month… Given the multiple occasions, we came to know every line, every scene… And so I discovered a very beautiful song, accompanied by a meaningful scene. Enjoy Sh-Boom , Life could be dream from Cars! (I also posted the original song from The Chords, right after the break)

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#1 Adriana on 06.28.08 at 7:38 am

Now I want to see ‘Cars’ too. As a fellow fan of great animation. I’ve haven’t heard of this one. Marvelous! And that song? Someone is singing here cheerful all day: Sh-Boom, sh-boo tralalalala sh-boom, sh-boom…..tralalalalala sh-boom, sh-boom….I know this song because my grandma (and my mother??) sang it often and that meant usually that they were happy! Thank you for posting this!

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