Scarlett Johansson For Nylon June-July 2008

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With her new album comes a new image for Scarlett – the rock chic. Not doing her any particular favors, this experimental look is maybe a mere marketing strategy to pimp the sales of the album.

The photos are taken by Marvin Scott Jarett and they show a playful but distant blonde young looking Scarlett. I don’t like the purple pout and I believe the cover photo is not relevant nor to Scarlett herself, nor to her singer or actress image. I have no idea why they chose this particular image for the cover and not one of the others (I also posted the inside-magazine pictures).

Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine June July Cover

Luckily, the inside photographs are much better and lighter than the cover.

Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine June July Photo
Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine June July Pictures

Last week, there was a site playing one of Scarlett’s songs from her new album and I didn’t found it brilliant (her voice sounds weird, maybe another song could have been better on her vocal register, but what I’ve had my ears on wasn’t so good). If you’ve heard any of her new songs, what was it like for you? This new rock-glam is suited for her kind of music?

Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine Pictures
Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine Picture in Blue Dress
Scarlett Johansson For Nylon Magazine Picture with Leather Jacket
(photos via tfs)


#1 Adriana on 05.24.08 at 7:01 am

After Ms. Johansson’s demands for her presence in Cannes I can’t see this errrhhh….girl anymore! I don’t want to hear her anymore either!
The crew of Woody Allen’s movie ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ were all in the same hotel. Ms. Johansson though wanted a place of her own with a limousine with a driver and her own visagist. The ladies (the other one is Penelope Cruz) had to share a visagist. The filmcompany, good for them, refused to get into Ms. Johanssons’ demands. So Penelope had her own visagist and Ms. Johansson missed out on a standing ovation from the public! I felt sorry though for Woody Allen.

Why does she pose like that? Of course for her record. Ms. Johansson seems to be multi-talented in many ways….I think posing like that is apparantly sooooooo rock n’ roll these days…..whatever….

I wonder why Ms. Johansson supported Barrack Obama in that music campaign video? Wasn’t that to bring awareness for the problems in the US? Odd, for a girl who wants her own villa, driver blablablabla….and this attitude is so not rock ‘n roll….so not the real attitude….

Sorry, this comes straight from the heart from a bass-player, who loves her instrument more than anything….

#2 Adriana on 06.07.08 at 5:09 am

Oh my god I´ve heard Scarlett sing! Well, I do a better karaoke and believe me that is not really a feast for the ears but at least I´ve some fun……Scarlett though doesn´t even enjoy ´singing´…….

Scarlett darling, be an actress, director, model, someone muse, but please, please do only sing in the shower?

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