Marc Jacobs As Andy Warhol For Interview June/July 2008

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If you missed Marc, Jacobs, then you’d be jumping with joy when hearing that he’s impersonating Andy Warhol for the June/July issue of Interview Magazine.

Confessing that he was fascinated by the Studio 54 atmosphere he also admitted that he’ll be getting “a lot of hell for” going Warhol in this issue of Interview Magazine. Prints of the cover shot (and of the editorial photos that you can find assembled and posted below), magazines, $15 totes, $35 t-shirts will be splashed in the Bleecker Street store. Proceeds from the sales will go to the Andy Warhol Museum from Pittsburgh.

Marc Jacobs Interview Magazine June-July 2008 Cover

Since the idea of making Marc Jacobs all Walhol belong to photographer Todd Eberle, we’re still safe. If Marc goes ga-ga about being the new Andy, than here’s trouble! Being an anniversary issue (for what could have been the 80th anniversary of Andy Warhol) it’s a Warhol-issue with all things Warhol in Warhol’s memory.

Marc Jacobs Interview Magazine June-July 2008

These pictures look so tragic, so sad, it pains me to even look at them. What’s there so achy about art and celebrating people of art? What do you say? He’s bearing some resemblance to the original?

Marc Jacobs As Andy Warhol for Interview Magazine June-July 2008
(via wwd, photos via tfs)

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