Counting Calories Chocolate Bar

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I’m always having troubles with measuring how much butter I need to make my cookies. Then again, I’m always happy when it’s marked on the package…

So it’s the case with this chocolate. It’s precut (and marked) on calories-portions. Say today you just discovered a perfect bag and then found out it costs $20,000 – you take the 55 cal piece! Tomorrow you find a steal for $150, jumping for joy, you cut down to 10cal!

Chocolate Bar Precut with Calories Count

I wonder when it’s going to get proper introductions to fashion world. This chocolate bar will set a trend. Of depression.

Chocolate Bar with calories number written on
(elmanco via notcot)


#1 Rock.The.Trend. on 05.28.08 at 9:40 am

Oh my god, coolest thing ever.

#2 ieva on 11.22.08 at 11:46 am

Great idea. Functional & enjoyable.

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