Victoria Secret VSX Yoga Line

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I guess when Victoria’s Secret were saying that the sexy factor was going to suffer serious cut back, I wasn’t thinking about tracksuits!

But then again, the word is that VSX is the new brand to be launched over at Victoria’s to cover the demand for a sport line “complimentary to a women’s figure and supportive”. In a seriously shallow SATC moment, we’re told by the VSX store executives that it’s not a question of Sport and The City: “Most suburban mothers wear the stuff all day,”

Victoria Secret VSX Yoga Wear

I admit wearing “that stuff” at home or when pregnant (hereby I confess my weakness for velour tracksuits) and I don’t feel sub/urban when wearing them. But compared to actual “yoga” pant, is a difference from here to Mars, like Marc the Jacobs says.. I would never replace my velour pants with yoga pants. Would you?
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