This Season’s Flowers Trends

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Now that changes a bit from the usual catwalk news! I thought it’s not only useful to know, but also a pleasure for the eye.

For this seasons, Bloom florist announces that it’s all about mixing different elements to create a unique feeling of blossoming freshness (oh, I could go on like this forever! I’m beginning to get the hang of it..). Combining spring branches with different length clustered grouping flowers and constantly changing proportions would result in numerous ways of beautifully arranged bouquets.

Boom Flowers Arrangements

Mixing freshly cut flowers with green plants such as Lotus pods and Anthirium would contrast incredibly and work a magic on the viewers.

Bloom Flowers Bouquets

So much for trends – I for one let my inspiration guide me when talking flowers. It’s much like choosing pieces for outfits – take the general theme and try to adapt it to your means/possibilities. What about you? You usually like playing with flowers? Or take them just as they were imagined by the florist and put them in water till they literally drop?
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#1 Jillian on 04.02.08 at 12:45 pm

really REALLY beautiful arrangements! I’m big into flowers… When I finally get a house and have some time… I want to decorate my whole house w/ flowers all the time when I can… and in the winter buy fake ones!

they just brighten things up!

#2 Adriana on 04.03.08 at 5:13 am

In my country, The Netherlands, this is for years “a trend”. Maybe because flowers and seeds to grow them are a huge export product for my country and there are florists everywhere here. On the city markets we can buy many flowers too. If you go late, before closing time, there’s still a lot to choose and far cheaper. Especially on the Saturday market. And it is very common to take flowers with you as a gift. I love flowers. I love to arrange my own bouquets.

These are beautiful bouquets. Flowers makes me happy.

#3 kpriss on 04.03.08 at 6:35 am

Jillian, I agree, they work wonders indoors (not to mention at the windows, outside), however, I speak from experience, flowers require very much attention and care, hence time. I was very much into flowers, only when the kids arrived, I started giving my beautiful pots to my mother, I just had no more time to give them the care and attention they needed, they would have suffered without meaning. So, what I wish for you (besides that gorgeous home I’m sure you’ll get) is a lot of time!

Oh, Adriana, I can imagine how the market looks like, full of flowers, all the colors and the shapes (and smells!). I close my eyes and think about how many bouquets one can make and I almost envy you! Flowers brighten everything up! And to be honest, I think this is the best time for (freshly cut) flowers! It must be a delight!

#4 angie apostol on 08.14.09 at 6:38 am

…upon seeing the flowers….!!

..I can’t help myself to be amazed by this fabulous flowers…

…I can’t really imagine how God shapes all this things….

…though I am a florist…every time that i will create an arrangement….I can’t help but to kneel down because of His greatness…..they are really beautiful….!!

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