2012 Makeup Trends

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I was just browsing today, with no specific direction whatsoever, although headed to NYFW various coverage sources. And I though that, once again, I’m looking at next season’s fashion without fully knowing what the immediately upcoming season is all about. So here I am, trying to make up for that.

Make up, literally. The main trends in 2012 summer makeup. While your face needs to be in its top shape (think baby skin, forget about suntan or any other fake tan), your lips will take the color of roses.

If you want to be in trend, during the spring and summer of 2012 you’ll have to either wear shades of red (in matte or glossy) or pale hints of peach or pink (also in matte or glossy). You cheeks will have to look healthy pink, not too much sun kissed, just healthy. (hit the jump to see what suits you from this season’s beauty trends, as reported by HB!)

2012 Makeup Trends Red Lips Pale Lips

Your eyes… your eyes can be extremely smoky, glittery, gold, white or silver metallic, but your eyelashes need to be long and doll – like curvy (just as your eyebrows need to be thick). You need to work on your cat eye technique this season: spring summer 2012 eyes makeup is all about tracing the perfect meow line! So check out your makeup case and see if you have everything you need!

2012 Makeup Trends Healthy Cheeks Thick Eyebrows Long Eyelashes

2012 Makeup Trends Cat eye Smoky Eyes Eye Makeup colors

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