Once Upon a Time, There Was a Pile of Junk, Now it’s an Army of Little Robots

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Having kids opens one’s eyes and spirit for ludic and everything related. This article was brought to you from my love for playfulness.

These pictures represent actual robots, sculptures made by Gordon Bennett. Combining new and old found objects emerging from garbage dumps, basements, construction sites and garage sales he managed to mix wood, metal, bakelite, glass, plastic, rubber and paint to create uniqueness.

Bennett Robots

Each of the Bennett Robot Works robots is a one of a kind creation and takes an average month to build. Like a fantastic dream robots manufactory, the Bennett creations aren’t meant to be toys or to move around (regardless of how much you’d like to see them work), they just serve the eye and spirit, like I said at the very beginning.

Gordon Bennett Robot Works

Are you a collector? Or a playful spirit drove around on dreamy wings of joy in search for classifying rare, one-of-a-kind objects? If so, what makes your heart tick and eyes wink?

Little Robots from Gordon Bennett Robot Works
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#2 e.varden on 05.17.08 at 6:20 pm

All of these bunneez are degrees of frightening, especially the back row, what faces are these? – And what is with the TeleTubbies tummy-patch: Did they have an operation or something? Is the dotted-one diseased?



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