Is this the Next Ugly Betty?

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Since Ugly Betty has been a telenovela success before taking US by storm, I have lots of reasons to believe “Sin tetas no hay paraĆ­so” (literally: “Without tits, there’s no paradise”) has enormous potential to hit US television.

Or.. who actually cares? All I know is when I saw this picture, it instantly made me think of those dancers wearing and playing with pink fake feathers enormous scarves.

Maria Castro Sin tetas no hay paraiso

Next you know, she’ll take off the horrendous scarf in a Von Teese-manner and all she’ll have left will be a minuscule body piece on for her dance routine of the evening.

Who’s she? Maria Castro. What is her actual job? Starring the above mentioned telenovela.

What’s the good part of all this preposterous picture? At least she’s not wearing fur!… “and nothing else matters” (Metallica’s genius at work doing the final song accords while we graciously leave this girl alone with her fashion fantasies).

Even so, please, if you have some style suggestions (or applause) don’t hold back! share!

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#1 Jessica on 07.25.09 at 11:52 pm

She looks like she’s wearing sea wead!
It’s soo ugly.
But I love her hair and shoes :)

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