Hermes For Children Plush Horse

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Talking about the Hermes coloring book and its new contender, the Yves Saint Laurent colouring book got me thinking that, maybe, Hermes got news about the YSL thing and stepped up in the children fashion game. And I was right!

Hermes has now something new in store for the fashionistas mothers out there: plush horses! Nothing more appealing for the wee ones than plush horses with the Hermes trademark orange braids! Ranging from $395 (for a 11”) to $530 (for a 15”), the plush horses from Hermes are more decorative than educational. But you can’t have both for $500, right? Now if they would’ve saddled the lil’ horse with one of their surreal Hermes bags, I would’ve been sold in a second! But now I’m forced to hold back until they leather up that beauty! How about you? Aren’t you willing to forget about Hermes bags and go for Hermes plush toys? (which you can buy here)

Hermes Plush horse

Hermes for children Plush horse

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