Juergen Teller’s Victoria Beckham For Marc Jacobs

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I can’t get tired of this Marc Jacobs campaign! It’s better than Halloween and every possible costume ball ever!

Miss La Moth here is like every housewife’s dream after a busy day at home. She forgot one of the children’s toys in her head but then again she’s all dressed up (uh, pardon my white bra, haven’t got anything else to match this lila scarf I put around my neck!) and wearing her fav grandma lunettes. Because grandma’ was a bourgeoise, you seeee….

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Eyewear

And because I’m a small figure, the scarf is wrapped around my neck and still get it to my toes, I found a black belt to strand me with and that purse I received for free when purchasing the “Regional Fashion” issue. Now I’m doing the ball dance like my grandma, it’s like this….

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Pink

Uh, you know, me again.. I’ve had a long hard working day at home, not the kids are asleep and I’m working my way like grandma in the ballroom. I have this blue plaid I gave the dog to sleep on but today I fancy myself a nice ball dress with that and my mother’s widow dress (you can’t see it’s from the 60s? I turned inside out and I have that white bra again.. you know, my only one..)oh, I forgot to take off the scrubbing floors gloves… oh well…

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Black Blue Dress

You see, here, there’s some spots.. something from that bag! I think it’s the ink! I’m gonna throw that thing out immediately!

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Bag

Today I saw a movie on TV. It was really scary! About a girl coming out of a well…she crawled towards you just like in the picture. It was so frightening! (good thing I put on my white bra, so you’d know it’s me and not her!).

Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Out Of The Bag
(photos via tfs)


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