Fergie Covers Glamour, Photoshop Courtesy

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It’s a common technique, however that doesn’t mean we can all get used to it and close our eyes every time it happens.

This Glamour edition was the last example I laid my eyes on. A very bright looking Fergie. Like she would be a couple of years younger (I know, she’s just 33 years old but still looks like she’d have more, maybe due to her addiction years). You’d normally say “good for her! She’s in wonderful shape!”, then again when you’d see the next candids with the same Fergie, you’d notice something wrong. Her face is nor that thin or flawless.

Fergie on the cover of Glamour Magazine

I admit stars have a standard to maintain and the magazines can’t afford presenting ugliness, even so, I decided not to be a part of this and I stopped buying paper magazines some time ago. It does nothing to me paying for lies. Do you buy paper magazines? Why?

Fergie White Outfit
(photos celebutopia, ohnotheydidnt)


#1 Adriana on 04.07.08 at 6:15 pm

I have checked it out; I have bought my last Vogue UK July 2007; my last Dutch Elle with their Winter Trend Guide September 2007. So I guess I’ve lost my interest in magazines which I used to love to buy and hide comfy on the couch or in bed with my new magazine. I was almost a passionate collecter but got rid off all these magazines after I’ve moved houses. My pile of magazines has become far much smaller the last 2,5 year. I think I shall go on and buy a magazine now and then but not anymore as I did once.
I guess the internet has taken over in this household. I can find anything I want to know on great blogs or/and sites.
That goes even for my daily newspaper. I’ve stopped my subscription last December. I don’t miss it until my great surprise. So now and then, just as magazines, I buy one. I get two free newspapers with the news about what’s going on in my home town and region every week. Poeh all that info…..enough is enough? My head spins at times from all that info.
How much info can one absorbs? I do watch the daily news on tv, viewed opinion programmes which has my interest too. While cooking I have a lifestyle/entertainment programme on tv on. I have some online newspapers bookmarket, my fashion fix, music fix, Formula 1 news, music news, movie news and so on all is on the internet to find.
Yes, that is a good point ” It does nothing to me paying for lies”.
I neither believe all I read or see on the internet but I find it often more independent and honest than newspapers and magazines.
The only paper that I still do cherish are my books. But I do never ever visit the library either anymore. These days, since the internet is there I prefer it even more than I already did to hide comfy on the couch or in bed with a great book.

#2 Linda on 04.07.08 at 9:54 pm

There you go – the magic of photoshop. Anyone can look like a celebrity. :P Actually, celebrities aren’t that beautiful in real life, they are just ordinary people who have been photoshopped, digitally enhanced on the screen – it’s all technology. Most of the celebrities have admitted to the enhancements, such as Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, etc.

#3 Adriana on 04.08.08 at 6:59 am

I’m fed up with all the “beautiful people” everywhere since some time now. Whether it is a magazine, a movie, a tv-series……Not that long ago I did prefer English and Australian movies/tv-series a lot. Of course the actors were not exactly ugly but very close to daily-normal people. I could relate more to the characters they played. That’s all gone too.
Older actresses like Susan Sarandon are even retouched in their movies. Susan wasn’t pleased at first but what could she do about it? Stop working?
Linda is right. Someone who has interviewed Angelina Jolie some years ago was so excited about it and when she arrived he was so disappointed. It was a tiny skinny woman whom he didn’t found attractive at all….but as he said: “The moment you put a camera on her she appears and when you stop filming she’s gone.”
That was interesting news to me.

#4 kpriss on 04.08.08 at 8:43 am

I’m always puzzled by this contradiction – people are more imperfect with every passing day. Instead of feeling the same desire to identify with characters (I’m not only talking movies, I’m talking celebrities in general) who are close to them, imperfect, similar in some ways, they’d rather have perfect figures to refer to. So there go this pressure on the movie or every other celeb-producing-industry to show only perfection. After building these fairy-tale-ish characters, presenting them to the world, my actual dilemma shows its face – while imperfect people identify with perfect characters, the gossip industry blooms like a wonder! How can that be if we’re relating to perfection? Why search for imperfection and pay for flawless images?

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