$37,500 Gucci Yellow Crocodile Hysteria Bag

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Why not? Crocodiles are hard to catch, everybody knows that! Fetching one, removing all the skin, nasty job! Someone has to pay a fair price, right?

I like yellow. It brightens up my day! And the Gucci Spring-Summer 2008 was a beautiful collection for me. Sunflowers, black-white-yellow, it’s all joy! However, a crocodile handbag, be it yellow, brings no honor to my wardrobe.

Gucci Hysteria Yellow Crocodile Bag

As I remember, Gucci was the first brand in the world (sales concerned) and the popularity it brings to every article produced under their name crashes any other moral involved. For instance, I haven’t heard anything else about the Gucci loves NY campaign after it was signaled that the NY logo was used without permission. Like all vanished and hailed the almighty $ and the amazing profits of the marketed promotion (since everything was sold in the blink of an eye). I wonder if I wasn’t where I am today and my background wasn’t such, if I would have actually had a money tree in front of my window and every morning when I open up to smell the fresh air I would have picked up mmm, let’s say $3,000 “just because”, would my perspective over the world be different? More “mellow yellow”?
Oh, informatively – there are blogs where Gucci worths every cent of the yellow Hysteria! And I’m sure they’re not the only ones! I guess kiss-blogging has its rewards too..
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