Angelina Jolie, her Baby Bump, her Tent Dress and her Cooper Tote Outing

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I thought Angie was on the right track (at least she was keeping it all simple when she was outing with a black trench, black pants, black shoes, black shades.. mm, black whatever).

Her uber obvious baby bump hidden under yet another tent dress. The world’s boutiques won’t cover her need for tent dresses during this pregnancy! The day I’ll see Ange dressed up with some kind of fashion sense, I’ll say that something happened to the world and surely the global warming is reversible! Anyway, I’m going mild on her, after all she’s a pregnant woman and I love them all. Not too much when they go out wearing a nightgown under a which cape, but who’s looking? We got the best there was in that outfit (besides the ray-bans) – the Cooper Tote by Anya Hindmarch (especially known for her “I’m not a plastic Bag” tote). Like it? (I do. Wish it wasn’t white, but the size matters. And that bag has just the size I need for stuffing kids-toys and whatever else they need for a regular outing plus the mirror-bottom in case I want to flash the paparazzi’s eyes out – just kidding! I’m all flower power ;) ).
Angelina Jolie with Anya Hindmarch Cooper Tote
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#1 Adriana on 03.09.08 at 4:32 pm

Lol, I’ve seen another photo of Angie in that “nightgown”. Her décolleté must [have] keep every male awake in the airplane she wants to attend . Her tickets hides the boobs here the nightgown her son Maddox.
Loves the tote in a real colour though. I dislike white shoes too I almost become a “serial mom” seeing them walking around brrrrrrrr…….

#2 kpriss on 03.10.08 at 11:42 am

Oh, I’ve seen those other angles too ;) impressive indeed! I don’t like white shoes either. They must really fit in the outfit to pass the white-ness thing.

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