Diesel Multi Display Watches

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There’s some new frenzy on the internet concerning Diesel watches. I’m not usually into watches (meaning I don’t ever wear one myself – makes me think how time flies without mercy) but I wanted you to see this.

Multi-display watches. I aesthetically appreciate two display analog watches. However, I never thought I’d be looking at a five display watch one day and try to understand what it stands for.

Diesel Watch - DZ9025

I’ll spare you the tech – details, if you must know something, then it’s the price – the Diesel DZ9025 (the one above) costs $595 and the Diesel DZ9024 (the one presented down here) costs $550, so about $100 for each display.

Diesel Watch - DZ9024
Let’s say I’ll use two. Ok, maybe I’ll find something for the third display. But what should I do with two more? So here it goes for the questionnaire :

Do you like these two watches? And if so, which one comes in first? And what use for the five displays?

If not, please tell me why won’t you simply give in to this unspeakable watch temptation!
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