2010 Hottest Items: Glow In The Dark Jeans, Tees And Lingerie

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For the clubbing generation. Or the Twilight generation. Both tend to live and learn more during the night. Halloween is long gone now and this adds up to the next year’s Halloween must list, right next to that Chanel pumpkin (corner with the glow in the dark eyelashes).

The new glow in the dark jeans (and attire) from Diesel was treated with a special fluorescent coating making some things apparent only under UV lights. (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a video!)

Diesel Fluo Glow in the dark denim

If you’re the shy type, there’s something UV-apparent for you too! A set of glow-in-the-dark lingerie is available. The Boudoir Collection from Glow in the dark lingerie is small enough to look appealing and glowing enough to get the right attention your way! The LuminoGlow Lingerie comes with a special fabric care note: dry in the shade! Or else… Which glow-way will you go? Outerwear or underwear?

Glow in the dark lingerie

special lingerie glow in the dark

glow in the dark babydoll lingerie

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If you think this is too much for you and you’d only rather have glowy details instead of a giant glow in the dark, you can always consider a classic tee with a glow-in the dark print like so:

tshirt with glow in the dark print

Alien Head glow in the dark t shirt available here

Or go for a bold urban approach with the new Electric mvmt Light up Hoodies! Just as the name suggests, it lights up around the zipper line and the hood line. This is possible because of the ‘electrope’ lighting integration which looks like what you’re seeing in the picture below.

glow in the dark innovative hoodie

electrorope light up hoddie detail electro mvmt

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