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Has been some time since I haven’t seen Uma Thurman posing for a magazine. Tabloids aside, she’s quite discreet regarding her personal life.

Another Magazine graces us with an interview of Uma Thurman and a set of beautiful pictures. Not the average fashion photographs, not trying to impress by any couture bravery, just plain Uma (with some heavy makeup or with just bad lightening) and a 4 pages interview.

Uma Thurman Another Magazine

Available online, the interview is more about how Uma’s dodging personal-life subjects than any stunning announcement about her life. However, that implies more of her professional involvement and projects, her friendship with Quentin Tarantino (who calls her “his muse”).

Uma Thurman Butterfly Picture Another Magazine

Life in UK or life in the States, Uma believes that “if you play, you pay”, no matter how much you try to keep your personal life wrapped-up, there’s always something slipping up.

Uma Thurman Another Magazine Picture

I don’t know about you (and I hope to find out), but I like Uma. Liked her ever since Pulp Fiction, didn’t truly loved her Killing Bill and surely didn’t appreciated her comedy try-outs. I see her more of a strong woman than a superficial and romantic one.

Another Magazine Uma Thurman

But these pictures had something. I know it’s all photoshop, even so, I like the idea of the butterfly as a rebirth symbol. How about it? It’s a cliché? Or working marvelously with Uma’s figure?

Another Magazine Uma Thurman Picture
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