Vivienne Westwood Red Label Political Statement

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Flashnews – The return of Vivienne Westwood to London Fashion Week was most appreciated and thus most talked about.

This season’s Westwood traditional political involvement was all about Guantanamo Bay. Different sources, different points of view and because I wasn’t there to tell you the story as seen with my own eyes, I’m just telling stories. Both of them.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2008 Fair Trial LingerieThe version is about the very beginning of the fashion show and it’s all in this picture. The NY Times version is about

“a topless model wearing orange Agent Provocateur undies with “Fair Trial My Arse” emblazoned across the tush! (The company was founded by her son, Joe Corre.)”

Vivienne’s comeback was also marked by the Opus Portraits book. The much awaited launch we talked about early on was a smashing hit. So many people came to see the Madame and to attend the hipe party, the Serpentine Gallery was too small for everyone to fit.

Well then.. better forget the political lingerie, I’ll put my hopes on event organizers that can really evaluate the space/participants report for VW.

(via style and nytimes)

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