My Top 5 Belts for Spring Summer 2008

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Ever since I understood the meaning and importance of accessories, I fell in love with belts. Maybe one day I’ll gather them all together and share pictures of my collection with you.

Until then, I thought of a personal top with belts from the spring-summer 2008 catwalk (you know, I’m the kind of fashion-follower that keeps up with the actual season, not the season to come. It’s my sense of reality that flips when having to deal with winter coats while I’m still wearing flip flops or vice-versa).

My top 5 Belts for Spring-Summer 2008
Now, few words about the belts – of course, you can look at the picture hereby and think about another way to rearrange the belts according to your own tastes, but me, I chose the Black Gucci Belt to be my number one.

The second one (or ones) comes from Jean-Paul Gaultier and I admit, they make more sense when you look at the collection, being something cut out from the Pirates of Caribbean, the third is Elie Saab, on fourth comes DKNY and last Fendi.

Why I put Elie Saab on third? Because it’s not very practical and not so wearable. However, the belt looks lovely and it would work wonders on a dress or with an ample top. The same goes for the bi-colored DKNY (I dream about this belt with wide-leg pants…). As for the Fendi, stones aside, it really looks ordinary (at least to me) and that’s why it came in last. I liked the way the stones bring something special and 80s reminder to the outfit.

What about you? Do you have a crush on belts? Or don’t see them that necessary?

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