Marion Cotillard Pictures by Raymond Meier

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The script for Edith Piaf’s “La vie en rose” was written by the director, Oliver Dahan with just one face in mind. More specifically with two eyes in mind – Marion Cotillard’s eyes.

When I first heard that Edith Piaf’s life is going to be a movie, I was very curious about who’s going to play the main character. Now I won’t make this article a spoiler, but I will show you these wonderful pictures of her taken by Raymond Meier.

Marion Cotillard Pictured by Raymond Meier

One of these days I’ll update this article with my own opinions about her role in “La vie en rose”. If you’ve seen the movie (or other movies with Marion Cotillard for instance – my favorite is “Jeux d’enfants”), please let me know what was your view on her approach of Edith.

Marion Cotillard Photographed by Raymond Meier
Marion Cotillard Pictures by Raymond Meier
Marion Cotillard Photographs by Raymond Meier
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