Chloë Sevigny the New Ambassador for Samsonite

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We can’t get enough of Chloë Sevigny! Tonight is her party for her collection at Opening Ceremony (at Webster Hall) but we also find out that miss Chloë is wrapping things up for Samsonite, for the party from the Bryant Park Hotel on Tuesday.

She’s the Samsonite new Ambassador for the Trunk Collection. Last year it was Christina Ricci for Samsonite’s Black Label Fashionaire line.

Chloe Sevigny for Samsonite

Now, now, let’s see – fashion disaster, check! Own clothes line, check! Fashion adviser for Elle magazine, check! Ambassador for a big brand’s line, check! Acting on the side, check! What’s next? If anything, I still want my teeny tiny square inch in NY Times Style Magazine, Vogue (remarquez, please, with every passing achievement in miss Chloë’s CV, I’ll enlarge my list of demands!)

Do you really look up to her sense of style?

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