Happy Valentine’s Day with Lulu Guiness and Prada

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I’ll start this day with a posting about February 14th – Valentine’s Day. And this article itself by naming just two of the labels that promote love celebration and branded products meaning to represent V-Day.

Have a handbag that hearts celebration from Lulu Guiness. The clutch comes emblazoned with “Glamour Girl” heart tattoos and mirror compacts.

Lulu Guiness Heart Clutch
This red heart clutch hearts charity too – from 1 to 21 February, percentages from the sales profits of this little snakeskin bag will be donated to the Global Fund (fighting Aids in Africa, part of the Love(red) campaign.

Prada has its own releases – the Heart Bracelet (about $150) and the Heart Coin Purse (about $140-200) and the most hideous creations I’ve seen in a looong time – Prada Tricks teddy bear.

Prada Various V-Day Products
Prada Tricky Bears

What do you say? Do we still love this Consumerist Valentine’s Day? Or it’s all gone a paycheck’s breeze?

Me, personally, I live a Valentine’s Day Every Single Day. For we don’t love a day per year, a day per season. We live and love every day, every hour, every minute, every second. So much we run after love, we sometimes forget about it after having it.
I don’t. And I wish, for this Valentine’s Day, that all of you out there in the search for love and for those of you having found love, to not forget about it and live it, breathe it, every second of every day! LOVEly Valentine’s Day!

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