Gucci by Gucci Commercial and Backstage Shooting by David Lynch

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Today it’s advertising day. Dimanche, nothing to do but lay around watching some short movies. Enjoy!

Fashion commercials go cultissimo. “Just stay here and kinda keep moving with it, but it’s like whoa inside.” said Le David Lynch who plays director for Gucci by Gucci advertising clip for 2008.

Heart of Glass provides the reason for Natasha Poly, Freja Beha Erichsen and Raquel Zimmerman to move like they’ve been on drugs.

Alongside the final product you can also see the backstage shooting. You know me by know, I speak my mind and when I see something like these clips, I fell compulsive on speaking up. I used to appreciate David Lynch for his vision and approach of the screen work. Now I guess when you pass a certain age (David just had his 62nd anniversary), a woman’s beauty makes you lose grip of yourself and drunken you with superficial.

The final ad looks put together. Three girls moving like addicts, all alone, all in kinda the same outfit for a fragrance’s sake. M. let’s say so.

When it comes to the backstage shooting, I get curious – what were they thinking? What was Lynch himself thinking? There’s no glamour in this Gucci advertising, only a gloomy sensation of physical overloading featuring chemical fed-up women.

But please, after taking a look at both films, tell me what you think!

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#1 e.varden on 02.10.08 at 10:50 pm

OMIGOD. First, what is being sold here, the gorgeous gown with the space-raiders repelling-belt? Or the langourous-limbed moddle who move SO wonderfully?

– This turns out to be an expesnive production for feminine stink.

What a let-down! (Love Blondie all through it, and the moddle’s sychronized writhing. WOnderful!)

– What was the product Lynch was trying to sell?

Pe (When ****oles I mean incompetents are hired to do what they cannot do; view the previous example and understand.)

ps Tch.

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