Bag Obsession – Vivienne Westwood Red Polka Dot Bag

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Can’t say much – except – lovely! Both of them, but especially the red polka dot! Truth being told, I wouldn’t really see myself with the red one but I would definitely give it a try (or more, since we’re talking about app $480 worth-a-try)!

As for the Vivienne Westwood Appliqué Orb Logo Bag (app $365), it’s a sure thing! On my summer dream list.(who knows, after all? Even if I’m packing a suitcase for every outing since we’re still talking diapers and stuff like that over at my place, I’d reserve a special place in my wardrobe for the Appliqué Orb Logo Bag).

Vivienne Westwood Red Polka Dot Bag
Vivienne Westwood Applique Orb logo Bag

What do you say? VW Polka dot or VW Orb Logo?

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