Eva Longoria Advertises for Skimpies

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I guess the Writers Guild strike made life hard to live for anyone in the movie business, not only in fashion industry.

I remember Eva declaring in an interview that the strike has kept her in the kitchen or plain eating for some months now (and if you’ve seen some of her pictures lately, you’ll notice she was very sincere on that).
Eva Longoria Skimpies Advertising Campaign

Anyway, I wasn’t aware that the “Desperate Housewifes” could end up these desperate… Today I found these pictures of Eva Longoria posing (or at least allegedly posing) for an advertising campaign for Skimpies underwear.

Eva Longoria Skimpies Ad

Is it just me, or these pictures look strange? I mean it’s like an amateur work (maybe it’s meant like that) and she’s got an unconvincing modeling. Are they for real?

Eva Longoria Skimpies Advertising
Eva Longoria Skimpies Ads
Skimpies Eva Longoria Campaign


#1 Linda on 02.20.08 at 10:49 am

I agree with you, they do look like amateur photos. Even with the strike, I’m sure she has enough money to at least ‘get by’, right? I can’t imagine she can be that desperate!

#2 Susi on 02.22.08 at 11:44 pm

You’re right, it does look amateurish. I think it’s the lighting. Also, I think she’s a little bored!

#3 Amy on 09.29.08 at 9:45 pm

This looks pathetic lol! you can see the edge of the table they have her on and the lighting is all wrong! she obviously has enough money to get by, these are a joke… made most likely for her husband or someone elces pleasure!


#4 the machine on 10.29.10 at 11:11 pm

Bad Eva! Although I must say that you look pretty good in those pics!!

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