Sean Penn And Armani Gio: Buying Perfume Is Contributing To Water Charity

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At least that’s what Sean Penn and Giorgio Armani want you to believe. It’s a funny principle that would enable one Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gioia perfume buyer to contribute to a special charity fighting for the improvement of the water quality in Haiti.

Sean Penn is very involved in the Port-au-Prince reconstruction (left devastated by the 2010 earthquake) and so he concocted this special salvation plan with Giorgio Armani called ‘Acqua for Life’. Basically, it’s like this: buy a special edition bottle of Acqua di Gioia or (from the potentially poisonous) Acqua di Gio and that translates into 100ml of water donated for the Relief Organization.

Sean Penn Acqua di Gio water charity for Haiti

What they’re doing is amazing and praise worthy, but there’s something I don’t understand: why the same profits deducted from the perfume sales don’t go towards building water pumps & filtration systems. Wouldn’t that provide jobs&water for the population in distress? Just saying, I’m no charity specialist, that’s for sure, but when we’re having troubles with the tap water, we check out our filtration system rather than buy endless supplies of bottled water… But like I said, I’m no charity specialist, I’m just an honest girl, living the honest life. (Jessica Alba would understand. Wink!)

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#1 Appollonia on 03.19.13 at 12:12 pm

I agree!
Sadly enough it’s a fact that a lot of money we spend on charity is not at all guaranteed for those in need. Be aware with donations.

I suspect here a PR stunt and money for Armani as well on behalf of poor victims.

Isn’t Sean in mourning since his dear friend Chavez passed away?

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