$22,000 and $26,000 Burberry Handbags

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Life must be difficult for those of us trying to get the last rip-off accessory on the market. Difficult not in figures but in colors, sizes and name tags.

The Spring Summer 2008 campaigns have started for the fashion houses and Burberry makes no exception.

The recent commercial launch for the 2008 spring-summer collection features a special accessory: a proud Medal Studs Warrior Handbag priced at $22,000.

Burberry Medal Stud Warrior Handbag

The Medal Studs Warrior Handbag is made of alligator skin with medal stud detailing and the metal drawstring closure is engraved with the “Burberry” logo. Imagine that for $22,000 you don’t even get a silk interior! You get a nylon lining imprinted with the prorsum knight emblem.

Burberry Spring Summer 2008 Catwalk Handbags

Word is, though, that there’s another version of this particular model (as if $22,000 wouldn’t have been enough!) called the Gold Alligator Warrior Handbag, and this last one carries a (golden) (price) tag of $26,000.

Ain’t life just beautiful? I mean despite these ugly and incredibly expensive handbags!


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