Shoes Obsession – Burberry Platform Sandal

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We would not make serious fashion if we would ignore Burberry. It’s gotta be one of the most recognizable patterns in the world: the “check” pattern Burberry uses on most of its product lines (clothing, umbrellas, handbags, shoes and other accessories). We’ll be talking shoes today.

The pattern was originally created about 80 years ago when it was used as a printed lining for Burberry raincoats. The pattern was recognizable then, but Burberry decided to outer the pattern on layers of clothing and accessories in the 1960s, only then the check pattern became Burberry’s trademark.

Burberry Platform Sandal

After the history lesson, we gracefully invite you to enjoy this sandal. We know that the name could make you wonder why we posted a sandal in mid December? Well, because you could wear it with tights, of course! Opaque tights in black, brown, pink (why not?), and lots and lots of colors depending on your outfit. So, dare the Burberry Platform Sandal!


#1 $22,000 and $26,000 Burberry Handbags — StyleFrizz on 01.10.08 at 5:56 pm

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#2 Anna on 01.04.09 at 6:56 am

Could you tell me where i can get this burberry sandal and how much it costs? Thank you.

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