Paris and Nicky Hilton Hot Christmas in Maui

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I don’t always approve Paris Hilton’s choices in outfits but this time I so strongly disagree that I absolutely have to write down about her sister’s sense of fashion.

Seems like hot Maui sun melted all that style Paris usually has.

Paris and Nicky Hilton Christmas in Maui
Valentino White Bow Tote Spring-Summer 2008
She chose a black outfit (black one-shredded-piece swimsuit that cannot be watered, since she’s not taking a single ocean dip all Christmas long), a mini skirt to cover up the upper bruises on her skinny legs (since you can easily spot the blemished skin on her legs), hideous ballerina light blue flats and a black and white handbag that seems to fit her horrible teenager hat.

The only thing that flashes on her this time (besides her being so horribly dressed) is that pink Sony Cybershot 8MP $400 digital camera along with her diamond encrusted Blackberry.

Her sister, on the other hand is breathtakingly put together. The piece I love about what she’s wearing is that huge white bow Valentino tote (the model is called XCB 873 A LAA-BO) from the Spring-Summer 2008 collection – matching her jewelry v-neck dress (absolutely fabulous! Please, if you know who designed it, give us a hand here, it’s quite a dress for the summer!) her bear feet in the sand, just beautiful!
Way to go Nicky!

Nikka multicolored striped dress with stone beading
Thanks to our reader, Anna, we may now inform you that the dress Nicky Hilton is wearing on the sunny beaches of Maui is a Nikka New York Dress.
Kanika Saluja, the designer of the Nikka house is well known for her uniquely embellished designs that won her fame ever since her first collection, back in 2003. Celebrities wearing her creations are numerous – Sarah McLachlan, Mischa Barton, Kimberly Stewart, Paris Hilton, Ashanti, Brandy etc.
The web shop from the is temporarily unavailable but we’ve got the Cherry Nikka Multicolor Stripe Dress with stone beading costing $330 available at


#1 Lucy on 01.07.08 at 9:21 am


Could someone tell me who the designer is for the dress that Nicky Hilton is wearing in Maui, paired with her sister on the beach?

#2 Jessica on 01.15.08 at 3:16 am

I don’t know about Nicky’s dress, but Paris is wearing a swimsuit by OYE

#3 Anna on 01.15.08 at 3:24 pm

Nickys dress: its 100% silk and its “Nikka Navy Multicolor Stripe Dress with Stone Beading” Price: $330 Singer22:

and im almost sure i saw Nicky somewhere with the black Valentino – that girl has them both:)

#4 kpriss on 01.16.08 at 8:35 am

Thank you, Anna! As right as always! I’ve updated the article with your info!

two Valentino bags.. the least she can do since it’s such a beautiful handbag! ;)

#5 cristina on 06.25.08 at 8:48 pm


I love the black and white swimwear that nicky hilton used, someone could tell me from were is.

Thank you

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