Natalie Imbruglia Dressed Like Granny

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Australia opened the stores today for what’s called “The Boxing Day” – the day the day-after shopping rush, full of hot deals and presents being returned/exchanged.

At the David Jones sales opening, Sydney had a very important guest – Natalie Imbruglia singer turned model now an actress wannabe. Until now, the news is just normal, nothing unusual.

natalie imbruglia david jones natalie imbruglia david jones sidney

Just take a look at the pictures. Wearing these incredibly sexy Christian Louboutin peep toe platforms (app $690) and a print embroidered dress with black ribbon bows, Natalie Imbruglia looks like a good old granny working the garden. And who chopped her hair by herself the very morning because nobody came to see her and do her hair. Sooo sad!

What was she thinking doing that Mary Poppins on us? Anyway, if you do find whoever made that dress, please report so I’ll know where NOT to buy my dresses!

Update: The dress is the “Fire ball tear dress” signed by Alice McCall (thanks to our reader Mark who quickly helped us recognize Natalie Imbruglia’s outfit). Maybe the title of the post should have been On What Did Natalie Imbruglia Spent $1000 to Dress Like Granny
Now that we have all the details, let’s have your say: Natalie Imbruglia’s outfit is yay or nay?

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#1 Mark on 12.26.07 at 1:08 pm

The dress is made/designed by Australian designer Alice McCall, the price (on an australian website) is approximately 412 USDollars
See here

#2 kpriss on 12.26.07 at 1:17 pm

Thanks Mark! It was real quick! I’ll go fill in the details!

#3 Portia on 12.30.07 at 1:35 pm

Honestly, what’s all this “Natalie Imbruglia singer turned model now an actress wannabe” stuff about? She’s still a singer/songwriter, her fifth album is due out around March 2008. Just because she hasn’t released anything in the US since her second album White Lilies Island (2001), doesn’t mean she’s faded into oblivion. Her song Shiver from Counting Down the Days (2005) was the biggest airplay hit of that year in the UK, and was her most successful song since Torn (which was #1 in the US for 14 weeks).
She does acting as well as music, she was in Neighbours (early 90’s, from the age of 16-18), Johnny English (2002), and has recently finished filming her lead role in the Australian film ‘Elise’.

#4 kpriss on 12.30.07 at 2:28 pm

Honestly, Portia, I’ve got absolutely nothing against Natalie Imbruglia, nor have I objected to her carrier choices in my article. I simply had something to say about her choices in clothing articles. Acting in blockbusters (as it would be the case if she’s to become part of the upcoming “Wolverine” cast) is another level of industry (comparing to tv series). I’m sure she’ll handle it if she would take this road (as she did for the L’Oreal ambassador task). And I for one feel kinda nostalgic thinking about “Torn” since it gently rocked my adolescence.

#5 JK on 01.01.08 at 10:34 pm

Not really familiar with Natalie except vaguely as a musician. I like the dress/haircut she’s got here though, looks hot.

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