Have a Sweet Chanel Noël With La Bûche de Noël Lagerfeld!

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The famous french chef Lenôtre has worked on a very special desert for this Christmas: “La bûche de Noël” signed by Karl Lagerfeld. We could not tell you what exactly did mister Lagerfeld did for the desert in question but we’ll share with you what we know for sure: “La Lagerfeld” bûche de Noël it’s a traditional french desert that comes in a log shape. The Stylish Log from our story comes in a mirrored box with an axe made of caramelized sugar. The Lenôtre-Lagerfeld Log is made of dacquoise powdered with almonds and hazelnuts filled with a sweet-acid orange compotée and an orange-apricot coulis and three differents chocolat flavours (Sao Tomé, Saint-Dominique and Tanzanie).

Karl Lagerfeld Lenotre “La bûche de Noël” The Lagerfeld Lenotre Christmas Log

From respect for the style snobs (or not), Lenôtre-Lagerfeld bûche de Noël costs $169 and it’s available with reservation from the 6th of December chez Lenôtre and will be available from the 22nd of december.

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