Chanel Gives Jessica Alba the Baby BLUEs

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When I’ve seen the picture first I thought it was such a beautiful bag, exactly how I like them, to contrast the outfit, especially in winter time when everybody’s wearing black and gray. I tried to find it over the internet (spent most of yesterday searching for that handbag) and couldn’t. All night long I just dreamed about this purse so today I decided that I’ll write about it no matter what!

I’ll just pass the history lesson (amazing, by the way, I promise to post it down soon!) and get to the point.

Jessica Alba Blue Chanel Bag Jessica Alba Blue Chanel Handbag

This gorgeous blue Chanel bag is, I suspect, a Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Jumbo size (the price of a Jumbo bag is around $2.000 plus $100 more for the lambskin) or a Chanel Reissue 2.55 X-Large (costing app $3.100 and very rare to find). If you happen to know better, please give me a hand, it’s being haunting me for over 2 days now.

In the mean time I’ll just look at the pictures with the mom-to-be sporting a burgeoning Baby Bump and a Blue Chanel.

Update: Our reader isabella identified this bag as the Soft and Chain Flap. Thank you isabella!
chanel Soft and Chain Flap


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#3 isabella on 01.14.08 at 6:18 pm

hello! i took a mag with a pic of jessica alba to chanel @ saks in NYC the bag is called the Soft and Chain Flap…this is the large size..unfortunately the store only had a smaller version in black yet i wanted this color..according to the SA its not in production in the US? we will see…

#4 Carrie on 01.25.08 at 3:57 pm

Hi there! I just found the bag that you have been looking for on ebay! Check it out!

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