$500.000 Sparkling Christmas Tree

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We started with the $1.8 million Diamond Christmas Tree and we’re not stopping! Steve Quick, the jeweler, just created a five pounds solid 18K gold Christmas Tree. The layer of 200 carats of diamonds forms a glittering dust of snow over the 4.25 cart stone in a platinum star.

The Steve Quick Diamond Christmas Tree is estimated at $500.000 and it will be unveiled at the Steve Quick Store in Chicago this week, on December 7th and will remain on display trough the season.

Steve Quick Diamond Christmas Tree

The Steve Quick Diamond Christmas Tree is meant to be the most valuable in the world because: “Our tree was created to bring hope and help to people battling cancer. To us, helping others is priceless!”. Beginning December 17th, the Christmas Tree will be auctioned on eBay and the full amount of profit will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Before the unveiling, the Guinness Book of World Records will be answering the request made by Steve Quick Jeweler

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