Kissing my Napkin Notebook

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Thinking about all those napkins that Pete Doherty used to write down Kate Moss’s beauty and just waiting down at the bar for the poet-prince-charming to sweep you off your feet, we’re so proud to announce that the global advertising agency Euro RSCG Worldwide introduced the Napkin Notebook because “some of the biggest ideas in the world started as a little sketch on a cocktail napkin”. Not to forget all the gorgeous lipstick you could use, straight from your lovely lips to seal your sparkling napkin inspiration!

napkin notebook

The 20 sheet notebook with its handsome binding are for sale exclusively at the MoMA Store (The Museum Of Modern Art). Do check out the interactive demo.


#1 Mike on 11.29.07 at 5:53 pm

Where can I find some of this ? Great ideea !

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