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Lila Grace I Heart Kate Moss T-Shirt
When you’re a famous face, it’s hard for your kids to love you as you are and call you mum? Lila Grace down steps her... Read More

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The Fendi Baby Carrier Vs. Silver Cross Silver Shadow Baby Pram
Luxury – you’ve got to start tasting it while you’re young. Very young. As many of you already know, we recently added a little princess... Read More

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Gwen Stefani – I’m Pregnant, so I Wear a Tent Dress
This is another celebrity wearing a tent dress when pregnant. There’s gotta be related to all that weight pressure given their overexposed persons. Or was... Read More

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Miley Gets the Best of Both Worlds
How’s it like to have a million dollar for every day of your life until now? Miley “Hannah Montana” Cyrus is 15 years old and... Read More

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Angelina Jolie Expecting Twins – More Tent Dresses to Come
So last years baby boom is not enough for Angie. She’s on the twin spree now! At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe from... Read More

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Temperley Rides the Babyboom Wave
One of my favorites designers, Alice Temperley ( I’m a convinced dress-girl!) has just announced her pregnancy. You already know that baby bump is the... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Twins First Paycheck – $6 Million!
Flash news: Talking about J.Lo’s pregnancy is like talking about the worst kept secret lately. Everyone knew, everyone saw it, still no one talked about... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Has a Designer Gown for Delivery
Ever witness a delivery? At least in movies or documentaries, and I still hope your answer is positive. And therefore you should know that a... Read More

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