The Fendi Baby Carrier Vs. Silver Cross Silver Shadow Baby Pram

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Luxury – you’ve got to start tasting it while you’re young. Very young.

As many of you already know, we recently added a little princess to our family. These days, raising a baby it’s more like getting ready for a moon expedition! so many helpful or useless inventions! Well, strolling around the internet searching for different baby items, I came across two atrocities:

Fendi Baby Carrier

the first one (the mild one!) is the Fendi Baby Carrier.

Made by Aprica for Fendi (with grained leather and double F print coated canvas trim) it’s a four position carrier that will only cost you some temporary back pains and $325.

The second one (the bitter one!) is the Silver Cross Silver Shadow Baby Pram.

This very special Silver Cross Stroller will cost you some serious eye damage due to the 24-carat gold touch (including wheels and spokes) and $8.000…

Silver Cross Silver Shadow Baby Pram

Your choice!
(via luxist, instablogs)

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