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Katie Holmes In Armani At The Met Costume Institute Gala
You know, Katie, when someone’s dressing you up, doesn’t mean you have to put up to all he/she wants! Par exemple this red dress you’re... Read More

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Katie Holmes Golden Appearance For Victoria Beckham’s 34th Black And White Birthday
We’re heading for a black and white fall, the designers say. Of course Victoria Beckham, way ahead of our times, way ahead of the season,... Read More

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Katie Holmes Has a New Short Bob
And I was wondering how she’ll be holding up all things considered. Now here’s the first sign of a woman in distress: Katie Holmes just... Read More

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Katie Holmes Finally Tells the Truth
I read this and absolutely had to talk about it with you, see what your point of view is. Katie Holmes is giving in the... Read More

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Katie Holmes at the BCAM
Um.. normally this would have been advertising dimanche. Break to breathe and enjoy short movies. But then I was deeply disturbed by this appearance. Katie... Read More

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Katie Holmes Still Loves Skinny Jeans
Word is the Skinny Era is long over. Now if Scientologists have their own better reality where skinny trend is still high in power, it’s... Read More

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Katie Holmes and her Beautiful Armani Dress
I used to criticize Katie every now and then, when I actually had reasons to do it. This time, only, I’m writing to express how... Read More

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All I Want For Christmas – Katie Holmes Hermes Kelly
Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year long (the years before too) so if you could bring me a handbag would be very nice. To... Read More

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